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Used for the storage of highly corrosive chemical fluids and pharmaceutical substance.

  • Horizontal or vertical design with capacities from 20 to 125,000 Litres.

  • Available with and without conventional jacket or half-pipe external circuits.

  • Pressure & temperature ranges can be adapted to suit customer’s needs.


In addition to chemical reactors and storage tanks, Pfaudler also designs and fabricates glass-lined steel columns. Depending on the column application, the shell is manufactured with any one of the glass-lining formulations or with fluoropolymer loose lining, bonded lining or coating.
Based on our global capabilities and the single-source responsibility, Pfaudler can ensure a proper system performance for any corrosive chemical process.

진공 리시버

설계 데이터

압력 : -1 to +6 bar
온도 : -25 to +200 °C

설계 및 계산 코드

VSR/ISPESL, AD-Merkblätter/TÜV, SVTI, ASME VIII div. 1, BS 5500, CODAP/DRIRE, Stoomwezen, SA or CE stamp (PED).