Glass lined & Alloy Systems

World-Leading supplier for process solutions in Glass lined & High Alloy Equipment.
The reason why our glass-lined reactors are trusted by over 90% of the world’s top chemical companies is the sheer reliability of our reaction technologies.
Operating pressure : -1 ~+6bar (F.V) , Operating Temperature: -25 ~ +200˚C

AE Reactor

The DIN-AE designed series reactors Capacities from 63 to 1,000 litres

  • In-line drive on sealing unit to save space on upper dish.

  • Full range of instruments and accessories.

Special Options

  • Flat cover with ultra clean sealing.

  • Glass-lined stainless steel for cover and base vessel.

BE Reactor

The standard for safety, reliability & economic operation. The BE (RS*) Series, a DIN designed series reactor with conventional jacket or half-pipe heating/cooling circuits is available from 630 to 80,000 litres

  • Single-piece construction, reliable operation.

  • Reduced number of openings and gaskets with lower risk of leakages.

  • Flexibility and efficiency thanks to customized single or multistage agitation systems.

CE Reactor

The CE Series reactors, a DIN designed series reactor,with conventional jacket or half-pipe heating/cooling circuits is available from 1,600 to 40,000 liters

  • Designed with the agitator inlet at the top.

  • Specific use when single-stage agitation for the process is enough.

Pfaudler DIN reactors AE
Meet the following standards:
DIN 28136-3 Open vessel AE
DIN 28137-2 Jacket Agitator flange
DIN 28150 Split flange
DIN 28148 Gaskets for glass lined nozzles

Meet the following standards:
DIN 28 130, part 2 assembly of components
DIN 28 136 reactors type CE
DIN 28 137, part 2 agitator flange
DIN 28 157 impeller agitators
DIN 28 146 paddle-type baffles
DIN 29 145, part 8 legs
DIN 28 145, part 4 supporting rings
DIN 28 151 jacket connections
Type A1/A2 without circulating nozzles
Type B1/B2 with circulating nozzles