Glass lining is a unique composite material that optimally combines the advantages of steel and glass. As a result, it not only offers outstanding protection against many aggressive media, but it is also abrasion, pressure and temperature-resistant. This makes glass lining the perfect material for protecting measurement technology in demanding applications. But glass lining can do even more. Specially developed formulations react to H+ ions in liquid media, which makes them suitable for pH-measurement. Our technologies with embedded sensors in the glass lining deliver also ultra-fast reacting temperature measurements and corrosion monitoring.


Special Glass Linings are also available for use in other areas than the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Exceptional requirements and problems call for exceptional solutions.

Glass Our standard Glasteel® coating is the material of choice for harsh HCl or sulfuric acid and other corrosive environments. It is available in dark blue, light blue and white.

Designed for FDA regulated pharmaceutical applications with high demands on chemical inertness. It is free of heavy metal ions and has high corrosion resistance in alkaline solutions. The light blue color makes it easy-to-clean and it has high reflectivity to allow optical production control.

This electrically conductive version of WWG is the glass of choice for harsh chemical environments where there is a risk of static discharge in non-conductive organic solutions. The conductivity of the glass-lining allows a static discharge to be grounded to the steel vessel wall to reduce the risk of damage.

This specially engineered abrasion resistant glass is designed for reduced erosion in abrasive powder applications, increases glass lining life and reduces maintenance costs, while maintaining high corrosion resistance in acidic and alkaline applications.

This glass is especially designed to protect stainless steel reactors against chemical attack and suitable down to -90° for cryogenic pharmaceutical applications. It is available in white and in dark blue.