We offer a wide array of accessories for Glasteel® and alloy reactors to provide safe containment of hazardous chemicals and increased operator safety, as well as improved processing efficiency to reduce cycle times and ensure product quality.

Bottom Outlet Valve

The bottom outlet valve in your glass-lined reactor and the valves in the piping are key components in the safe containment of corrosive and hazardous contents. Our high quality, reliable, corrosion resistant valves come with a range of options including pipe-line or equipment mount, glass-lined or PFA wetted construction and over 4,000 configurations/options.

Mechanical Seals

The mechanical seal is critical for agitator shaft sealing to ensure safe containment of the corrosive and hazardous chemicals and maintaining the pressure inside your glass-lined reactors. With many years’ experience in the design of sealing solutions, and featuring the latest technologies, our mechanical seals are the trusted solution for protecting people, property and the environment.


The best reactor is only as safe as the gaskets, which must withstand pressure and significant temperature cycles, as well as compressive loads safely and permanently. Our customized sealing solutions are optimized for glass lined flanges and are provided in different materials for the most demanding chemical processes. They provide the highest level of operational safety and protect the flanges from damage.

Pipe and Fittings

Safe transportation of corrosive and hazardous chemicals is just as important as the storage tanks and reactor. In almost all chemical plants highly corrosive media must be transported over long distances. Our glass-lined and PFA-lined pipes and fittings are the first choice as they are quality constructed, pore-free and high voltage tested to prevent dangerous leaks They also meet the highest industry safety standards. In addition to offering a variety of piping parts and fittings, our engineers also support the pipeline planning of the project phase through to the installation of piping systems.


Dip pipes provide contained feeding of corrosive and hazardous chemical either above the surface or below to prevent static discharge. Our glass-lined and PFA-lined dip pipes are highly corrosion resistant, while their smooth and chemically inert surface prevents product deposits and catalytic or biological reactions.


Clean in Place (CIP) prevents batch cross contamination and is a critical GMP part of FDA regulated processes. From portable solutions to permanently installed automated systems, we offer integrated CIP solutions for cleaning reactors and tanks.


Glass lining Inspection

Our technicians provide complete glass lining inspection services to ensure that your reactor is in proper condition for safe and efficient operation. Services include:

  • Glass Thickness Measurement and Recording – Thickness measurements taken on a regular basis allow the corrosion rate of a glassed part to be monitored, enabling time to failure to be predicted and therefore allowing planned change outs to be carried out.

  • Glass Integrity Checking – This ensures that there are no areas of the glass where product can come into contact with the under lying steel substrate, as this can cause corrosion of the steel substrate and prevent safe operational conditions.

  • High Voltage Spark Testing – We use the latest generation of high voltage spark testers which can be used repeatedly on the glass without causing damage, unlike the older types of spark tester.

  • Conductivity Testing – Conductivity testing allows the integrity of the glass lining to be measured without the need to do a confined space entry.

Sealing Service

The gaskets and agitator mechanical seals are the front line of protection for ensuring safe, contained operation of your hazardous process.

  • Gaskets – Our gaskets are specially designed for Glasteel® reactors and their typical corrosive conditions. We also offer has several varieties of gasket specifically designed for applications such as pharmaceutical, permeant service and high temperature.

  • Mechanical Seals – Pfaudler has several designs available for wet, dry, contacting and non-contacting mechanical seals.