Multi-Arch Packed Bed Support

Combine corrosion resistance and strength in a design that separates liquid and vapour flow paths for minimun pressure drop. Provides open area for high volume vapour flow, while handling a wide range of liquid flow rates.

  • Modular design to allow flexible on-site assembly within the column.

  • Available in different configurations to save column height and reduce installation time.

Orifice-Riser Liquid Distributor

Fabricated from virgin PTFE and PFA.

  • PTFE and PFA Orifice-Riser Distributors are non-clogging and adaptable to a wide range of flow rates.

  • Unique design is a combination of a pan-type orifice distributor and weir-riser distributor.

  • Flow is self-regulated by the liquid level on the pan.

  • Structural strength up to 170°C provide uniform liquid distribution.

Weir-Trough Distributors

Designed for large diameter columns while providing open area for high volume vapour flow, and handling a wide range of liquid flow rates.

  • Provide even distribution over a wide range of liquid flow rates.

  • Combines a continuous support ledge to support the Weir-Trough in the column.

  • Structural strength needed to maintain shape and stiffness up to 170°C.


PFLUORO-PFIX™ Nozzle & Manway Repair Shields

Used to repair damaged glass-lined steel on the flange face or radius of nozzles.

  • The design ensures resilient seal performance for effective sealing, even at extreme pressure and temperature cycling sizes

Fluoropolymer Nozzle Liners

Fluoropolymer Nozzle Liners offer protection for glass-lined, ceramic and coated nozzles.

  • Stress-free design with uniform wall thickness.

  • Wide range of nominal sizes from ½ inch to 30 inches

  • Elliptical designs available.

Coated Manway Covers & Protection Rings

Provides corrosion resistance while increasing protection against mechanical damage.

  • Installed with Edlon patented PFA Coating.

Dip Pipes & Spargers

A complete list of products and expert field service.

  • Dip Pipes and Spargers designed to withstand agitation forces.

  • Custom-designed PTFE spargers for optimum performance at various flow conditions.


Secure and Pure™

Designed for safe storage of ultra-pure electronic grade chemicals. The welding construction ensures fluoropolymer linings with ultra-smooth, leachant-free wetted surfaces.

  • Transferring, and mixing ppt-level ultra-pure chemicals.

  • Tanks designed with a rugged 2.3 mm thick, removable Teflon® PFA liner.

  • Outer shell can be HDPE, RFP or Stainless Steel.

  • Optional unique design with continuous PFA coils for heating/cooling.

  • Optional Static dissipative PFA tubing for fluorinated solvents.

  • Supplied with containment boxes and sight tubes.